Cultivating Connections: A Workshop On Networking In the Film/TV Industry

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Zero One Studio, Hopkins Street, Soho, London, W1F 0HS

Recently graduated film school or a creative arts programs and unsure of next steps? Looking to expand your network and connect with new people in your industry? Does the word ‘networking’ induce fear and panic in you? Join us as Christina Morelli (CEO Artist) will deliver a New York-style workshop dedicated to creative individuals pursuing a career in the arts, navigating them through the business of the “business.” This unique evening is a hybrid of a professional development class, followed by a live event to put it all into practice. Workshop attendees will gain advice and insight on how to connect, cultivate, and develop your career in the ongoing hustle of the DIY creative arts world. The workshop not only breaks down networking into a manageable and (dare we say) fun experience, it will also help you learn how to pitch yourself and how to book that next ‘coffee’, while exploring the professional impact of cultivating lasting relationships. The evening will culminate with a curated mix & mingle, designed to cut the ‘stress and guess’ work out of networking, and connect you with optimal professional matches. Ideal for filmmakers, writers, musicians, actors, and all those interested in a fresh approach to pursuing their passion.