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DEFRIENDED is part memoir, part self-help; a slightly self-deprecating and hopefully inspiring four-stage guide to healing, rebuilding and moving on post break-up. Drawn from the personal experience of author Christina Morelli, DEFRIENDED examines the self-destructive tendencies we engage in with relationships, dieting and exercise, draws parallels between the three, and provides insight into overcoming those saboteurs for good. Filled with anecdotes, advice, checklists, playlists, fun facts and tough love, DEFRIENDED is certain to leave you with a newfound sense of empowerment, a discovery of control, and above all, comfort in knowing you're not alone. 

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The Deli Magazine, Contributing Writer (Online/Print)

The Deli Magazine is a nationally distributed indie music magazine that features interviews and reviews of up and coming artists in cities all across America. Christina has written numerous album and show reviews for the publication, in addition to featured spreads in three of their annual "Best Of" issues for the NYC Singer/Songwriter Scene.


The Deli Magazine Issue #30

The Deli Magazine CMJ 2010 Issue

Review of Sydney Wayser for The Deli's NYC Music Blog



Digital Writing Projects

The Little Red Suitcase Travel Blog

Join Christina as she documents her travels around the world through photos, advice and anecdotes. The blog navigates her experiences traveling solo (and with friends) from East Coast to West Coast, and Europe to Costa Rica, recounting the true stories behind the Instagram account and sharing wisdom she's learned along the way.

Project Life 101 

In May of 2013, Christina challenged herself to spend 101 days exploring something she'd never done before and document it- every single day. Through writing, photos and videos, from Memorial Day until Labor Day, she captured New York City through a new set of eyes. From museums, parks, improv classes, and restaurants, to new jobs, new neighborhoods, and even a flying trapeze class, Christina discovered a New York she never knew, and a side of herself that had yet to be seen. Visit to experience the 101 days.

NYC Art Scene  

Art and culture in New York City is constantly flourishing, introducing incredible talent with each passing minute. The passion and drive artists have to be successful and share their work is inspiring, as are the stories of how they got there.  Founded in 2009, this blog began as a place to meet these artists, identify with them, support, share, and see how all are connected in this evolving community. Through a series of interviews, reviews, and human interest pieces, Christina spent years exploring and promoting rising talent passing through New York City. Some of the artists she had the honor of speaking with included: Grammy Award Winners The Civil Wars and Ian Axel (A Great Big World), as well as iTunes chart-topping stars Rachel PlattenAndy Grammer, and Mat Kearney

One common question Christina uncovered in the interviewing process was- How do you reach a larger audience and grow as an artist? In Fall of 2011 she set out to find an answer, launching NYC Art Scene On Tour. Sponsored by fellow indie artist entrepreneurial companies, Bandzoogle and Pledge Music, Christina spent three months traveling and documenting the best of the music scene in the UK, Germany, Paris and Amsterdam. She produced two "tour" guides for American musicians headed overseas and was featured as a guest blogger on Bandzoogle's home site. For videos of Christina's interviews and trip, please visit the NYC Art Scene YouTube page.